Thank you for your interest in becoming a Knight!


There are two options available. Both result in you becoming a Knight and being permitted to attend Council meetings and become involved in all of the Council activities.

Option One:

This option is the most traditional and allows you to be officially assigned to the St. Hilary Council. It involves participating in a Degree ceremony.

Our next First and Second Degree ceremony is Monday, October 7 at St. Hilary’s Church.

Candidates should arrive at 6:45 PM and the ceremony will start at 7:00PM. The Second Degree ceremony will follow at around 8:00PM and you should stay for that.

Option Two:

You can become a member on-line. Just click on the link below and complete the form. Later on you can designate the St. Hilary Council #14551 as the one you want to join. Then you can take your degree ceremony this summer

Whichever option you choose, please let me know. Also contact me by phone, email or text if you have questions.

Vivat Jesus,

John Occhino, Chancellor/Membership

St. Hilary K of C #14551

(330) 414-6794 (cell)